smart card life cycle management: life cycle management
Life cycle management consists of four successive processes: the application, the production, the issue and the management of the smart card. ID-ware supplies products and services that support all of the aforementioned processes.
  1. application
    The application for the smart card entails the registration of the personal particulars, the submission of the application, the assignment of the authorizations and the approval of the appli-cation. This phase also includes the photography.
  2. production
    The smart card then goes into production. The card is personalized, encoded, printed and, where necessary, supplied with authenticity marks
  3. issue
    The next phase is the issue of the card and distribution. In this phase, ID-ware can assume responsibility for personalized mailings. The same applies to the issue lists for the Service Desk.
  4. management
    The fourth component of the life cycle management process is the management of status transitions, such as blocking, deblocking and recall of the card. This is also referred to as validity management: the principal focus in this phase is the validity of the smart card.