about id-ware: expertise
After having accumulated some 15 years of experience in the European market for access control and smart card systems, ID-ware was founded in 2003 by Christian Borgmann. The company has developed into an organization whose expertise covers all the facets of smart card management. Our versatile team consists of software developers, professional photographers, project managers and service technicians that support our customers with a wide range of knowledge in smart card management.

ID-ware offers the following:
  • advice on the smart card technology that best fulfils your wishes and needs;
  • state-of-the art hardware and software for smart card management;
  • graphic design for smart cards;
  • photography by our personnel on site;
  • programming, coding and the production of smart cards;
  • communication on the rollout;
  • distribution of smart cards;
  • support and maintenance services;
  • tailor-made, online card management services.
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